How To Talk Your Spouse Into Marriage Counseling

If your marriage is suffering, you may be considering a variety of Marriage Counselors Muscle Shoals Al. You want to save your marriage and feel that counseling is your best chance, but what do you do if your spouse will not even consider it? Many people find themselves in this position and they do not know how to convince their spouse that counseling is necessary. There are a few things that you can do to try to get your spouse on board with seeing marriage counselors.

First of all, be very careful how you bring the topic up. Read here to learn about some of the benefits counseling can offer and suggest them to your spouse. Do not tell your spouse that your marriage is in desperate need of saving and that counseling is the only way. Do not bring it up during a fight either, because then your spouse sees the suggestion coming from anger, not love. Wait until you are getting along and point out how much you enjoy those moments. Be calm and let your spouse know that you want to make your marriage better and you think that counseling is the way to do it. Let your spouse know that you are really worried that the two of you will not be able to solve your problems without help.

Think about what you want to say before you approach your spouse. You want to reveal your feelings and show them that you are feeling vulnerable, not angry and frustrated. Also be sure that you are not blaming just your spouse for your problems. If you feel that your spouse really is the root of all of your problems, you need to still take responsibility for half of them because you are fifty percent of the relationship. This will help your spouse see that therapy will not be a blaming session and that it will benefit you both. Be sure that you tell your spouse what you hope to get out of therapy. Better communication, ways to handle conflict, etc. are often on the top of the list. This will help you both enter therapy with set expectations and goals that you can work towards to strengthen your marriage.

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