How to Take Better Care of Your Barcode Scanners to Ensure They Last Longer

When your business relies on capturing and analyzing data, barcode scanners will be among the most important tools you’ll use. If you find that you’re having to frequently replace damaged or missing scanners, this may be the result of poor care practices. These tips will help you and your employees take better care of this vital equipment so you can reduce the rate at which you’ll have to replace your scanners.

Protect Them From Damage

Buying a protective sleeve for each scanner may be a good investment because it will reduce the likelihood of damage when the scanners are accidentally dropped. Additionally, each scanner should be secured to a short cord or cable to keep accidents from resulting in damage of the devices.

Store Them Properly

Storage conditions are important considerations in handling any type of electronic equipment. When it comes to the scanners your business uses, they should be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use. They should also be kept in areas where they won’t be subjected to heavy dust accumulation.

Clean Them Regularly

Your barcode scanners should be cleaned weekly or more frequently if they’re exposed to harsh conditions. Use a soft, nonabrasive cloth and a gentle liquid cleanser. Be sure the cleansing agent doesn’t contain acetone or other caustic substances. As you gently wipe the device clean, make sure to focus on areas where dust can accumulate in cracks, seams, or crevices.

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