How to Successfully Fight DWIs with the Traffic Attorney Jefferson County MO

A citation or a ticket for a traffic law violation can be a difficult problem if it results in an increase in your insurance rates and a heavy fine. These violations always add points to your driving record which can increase your insurance costs. There isn’t any good reason for not fighting a traffic violation. You have too much to risk. The Lowry Law Firm can explain every risk to you and how it might be fought.


A DWI is worse than an ordinary traffic violation. A DWI can carry many penalties none of which are easy to deal with and they all leave you with a life-long problem. A DWI can result in loosing your driving privileges for a period of time which is embarrassing to you and your family. The period of time is at least six months. It can also increase your insurance rates beyond what you would believe. You can also be required to go to alcohol control school and driving school. Of course, a DWI adds points to your record. So, why not fight a DWI charge. People fight DWIs successfully because they hire the attorney skilled in fighting DWIs.

The Traffic Attorney Jefferson County MO can provide the help you need immediately. The attorneys are highly trained in the same tests the police use to charge you. This means that the attorney can challenge an aspect of any test for compliance with the law. If the test was administered with a flaw then it likely cannot be used against you, but only a highly experienced attorney would know this.

The blood tests and urine tests must be administered in total compliance with the law. Your attorney will recognize the weakness in the chain of evidence and he will ask the court to bar its use in your case. Another tool the police use is the Breathalyzer which you blow into and it registers the alcohol content in your body. This test can be challenged by an attorney who knows that these devices have to be calibrated regularly and if they are not, then the results are not valid. There are other factors which render this test invalid. The Traffic Attorney Jefferson County MO knows all of the factors of this test which he can challenge. View website for more details.

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