How to Sell Your Home Fast Without Needing to Hire a Real Estate Agent

If you are like most homeowners, you may think that you must hire a real estate agent to sell your house. You think that this agent must be the one to stage it for showings, photograph, and video it for listings in local newspapers and online, and set the price that you will ask for its sale.

However, when you are in the market to sell your house quickly, you do not have to hire a real estate agent to represent you or the property. By selling it directly to a company with favorable We Buy Houses in Portland, you eliminate the expense and hassle of retaining an agent and instead liquidate your home to someone who can buy it right now with cash.

Choosing a Reputable House Buying Company

You do not want to sell your house to just any company. You want to know that the one you actually liquidate it to will offer you money up-front and close on the sale quickly.

When you sell your home to a business with good We Buy Houses in Portland, you can be assured of receiving the same if not better treatment than customers have experienced in the past. You may close on the sale in a week or so and walk away with a check that you can use to buy or lease another place to live.

Factors That Affect Pricing

When you are ready to sell your house in Portland, you may wonder what factors will determine the price you are offered. The company might base its offer on details like the house’s location, condition, and county appraisal value. You may receive just slightly less than what you could get if you were to list and sell it with a real estate agent, but you won’t have to pay an agent’s fee.

You can find out more about selling your house fast by contacting PDX Renovations LLC.

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