How to Select a Retirement Home Ossining

Selecting an assisted living facility is a daunting task, whether undertaken by the prospective resident or their family. There are many, many factors to be investigated and much research and care needs to go into finding the right answers. Only then can you be assured that this big (and often emotional) move in life will be a successful one.

One of the first question you will want to ask has to do with the impression you get when first walking in the door. Does this place have a homey feel? Is the décor something you can live with? Do you have a choice between rooms, apartments or share living spaces? Will you have a private bath or will you share? What is the lighting like within the facility? Natural lighting is to be preferred. Are there adequate cabinets and closet space for your possessions?

Are there safety measures in place in the private areas? Are bathrooms outfitted with safety handles? Are there call lights or buttons to summon immediate assistance if it is needed? Are there smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors (required by some states) and fire extinguishers appropriately placed in the event of fire?

Observe the staff. Do they seem rushed? Does it seem like there is enough personnel on each shift to manage the number of people in the facility? Do they take time to talk to a resident? Do they address them respectfully and kindly, or are they brusque and in a rush? When you look around, do you see smiles, or a stupor on most faces? Do most people look engaged with the world and people around them?

As you observe beyond the private areas of the facility, some things to be aware of and concerned about are: are all entrances and exits secured? Are the halls well lit? Are there handrails placed appropriately in the hallways? Are the doorways sufficiently wide for walkers and wheelchairs?

Additional questions to facility management could include questions about meals, what flexibility does a resident have and can they choose when to eat? Is there a barbershop or salon nearby for personal grooming. A look at the community bulletin boards will also provide essential information. For instance, is there a monthly calendar events posted? Are spiritual services performed on-site? Are there transportation schedules available for the residents to see?

For further information, contact The Country House, Retirement Home Ossining

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