How To Select A Lawyer In Cincinnati Ohio

As with any profession there are great lawyers and there are average lawyers. There are even some lawyers that are not all that effective at their job, but there are very few of these attorneys that stay in business. However, when you need a lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio you want to make sure you get the right professional to handle your case.

Generally, most people tend to choose attorneys by picking a name they hear a lot. This is often the attorney or law firm that has the most commercials on the radio or that advertises on billboards in and around the city. While this may be a good choice, there are other considerations besides name recognition you need to consider.


When you are looking for a lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio choose professionals that specialize in your type of case. For example, if you have been charged with a crime you need a criminal defense lawyer while if you are going through a divorce you want a divorce attorney.

You may find that some lawyers in the city indicate that they handle all types of legal representation from dog bites to wills and probates. However, avoid this type of lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio as they don’t have the specialized training that your case deserves.


A lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio should be able to provide you with information on his or her experience in handling cases like yours. You want to select an attorney with both years of experience in the legal field as well as actual experience with similar cases.

You should also ask your lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio how often he or she has actually tried a case in court and what their success rate is in these types of legal proceedings. This is important as some attorneys have years of experience in negotiating for clients but very little actual trial experience.

Shop around for a lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio and find someone that you trust, that can answer your questions, and that has the specialization and experience to represent you throughout your case. Finding the right professional can take a lot of worry out of an already stressful time in your life.

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