How To Pick an Interior Painting in Louisville Service

by | Jul 20, 2013 | Business Services

Redecorating a room or an entire home can be an exciting time. This is not the time to try out your DIY painting skills if you have entire rooms that need painting. It’s best to leave these large jobs to professional painting contractors. Here are some tips on how to choose an Interior Painting in Louisville service.

Ask Around for Recommendations

Do you know anyone in the Louisville area who recently had a room or office repainted? This could be a neighbor, local business, friend or family member. Ask them if they would recommend the painter they hired. Ask if the Home Painters in Louisville showed up on time and cleaned up after themselves.

Check Those References

You’d be surprised how many contractors still hand out false references. This is because they know that most people never bother to check those references. However, you know better. Contact each reference given or at least the majority on the list. Ask the person if they would ever hire the painting contractor again.

Ask for Proof of Insurance

It’s not necessary for painting contractors in Kentucky to have a license or insurance in order to operate. However, if the contractor gets hurt in your home and does not have insurance, you may be sued by the contractor to pay his or her medical bills. Liability insurance also helps replace any items that may be accidentally damaged by the contractor. Good painting contractors will gladly show you proof of liability insurance. Click here to know more about painting contractor.

Get Written Estimates

Never settle for verbal estimates. Insist on written, itemized estimates that includes details of how large the job is, how long the job should take, how many painters will be inside your home and what ways they will take to ensure that they will not damage your property.

Never Pay Up Front

You should never pay the entire cost of an interior painting job before any work has begun. If you pay the entire bill up front, you can kiss your money goodbye because you’ll never see that painter again. It’s usual to pay about 10 percent of the estimate before work begins and then pay the remainder once the job has been done to your satisfaction.

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