How to Organize and Track Fasteners From U.S 4 Axis Machining Company

by | Dec 28, 2021 | CNC Machine Services

Most fasteners are easy to misplace. Here are smart ways to organize them.

Use Medicine Bottles

Old prescription bottles can hold nails, screws, and bolts. You’ll need to remove the labels so that you can take inventory.

Use Foam

If you ever have to disassemble a product, don’t store the disassembled fasteners in a container with other fasteners. Instead, grab a piece of foam, and drive the missing fasteners into it.

Next, grab a pen and create labels for the fasteners. For example, if you removed a group of screws from a motor, create a Motor section on the foam.

Use Plastic Bags

Plastic zip bags are great for leftover bolts that serve no purpose. For security reasons, always use heavy-duty zip bags with a sliding lock instead of regular bags with a snapping lock.

Tracking Strategies

If certain bolts on your equipment are too loose, you may lose them. Here are two reasons why a bolt loses its grip.

The Bolt is Under-Tighten

When a bolt is under-tighten, it doesn’t provide enough grip to hold a component in place or a section together. If a section is extremely hefty, the weight of the section could cause slippage, and this will put unwanted stress on the bolt.

Too Much Vibration

Transverse movements during a project can jar a typical bolt out of place. If these movements create strong vibrations, friction will loosen the bolt.


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