How to Match your Exterior Paint to the Style of Your Home

New found curb appeal is easy working with an Exterior Painting Service in Edmonton. To update a home that is looking tired and unloved a lick of fresh paint can do wonders. However choosing the exterior paint that will match the style of your home is very important to avoid ruining the integrity of your home’s architecture.

Period Homes

Heritage paint works in a family of complementary colours to accent the finer details of things such as gables, gingerbread and interesting features on porches and trim. There is usually a series of three paint colours that work together to create the charming look you want on a period home. You will choose a base (also known as field colour) that is used on the main area of the home. If you have brick or stone use this as your guide to choose your two accent colours. Be consistent when painting accent colours. Use one colour on trim such as woodwork around windows, doors, and eaves and then the second accent colour on your doors and shutters. If you do not have brick and require paint on the field area use your roof as inspiration. If you are replacing the roof you have the luxury of starting from scratch choosing a combination of colours from roof to trim. You want to choose colours that will play off of each other for a unified look.

General Home Colour Rules

In general terms you want to use colours that complement your roof colour. If your home is brick or even stone, this will be the base for your field colour and is the inspiration for your trim, doors, shutters, etc. If you will be painting the body of the house a good rule of thumb is to go with neutrals that will work well with your roof or a paler colour in the same family as your roof. Always avoid bright or bold colours for the body of your house as this will make it look out of place. Save brighter or bolder colours for your trim to add contrast and a touch of drama. If you want to have a little fun you can go with a bright colour on your door and shutters. Don’t forget to consider your garage doors. If you want to hide your garage doors paint them in the same tones or exact colour you choose as your field colour. To accent your garage doors use the trim colour or the colour of your doors and shutters.

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