How to make your move go smoothly

According to a study done by the U.S. Census, the average American will move nearly 12 times in their life. That’s roughly once every six or seven years. Someone who has moved that much in their lifetime has probably learned some tricks of the trade, but it never hurts to have good advice. Here are some tips on how to make your move go more smoothly.

Shop around
It’s important to get more than one estimate from moving and storage companies Waterford MI. Three estimates is a reasonable number. You also should make sure you do extensive research on the company you are considering, and also make sure that the estimate you get is guaranteed and won’t change as long as the moving conditions don’t change.

Label everything
Your move will go more smoothly on both ends if you label everything clearly. Not only should boxes be labeled with what is in them, you also should put on them where they need to go in your new home or apartment. This will help moving and storage companies Waterford MI to know where to put things, and it will mean less unpacking work for you once the movers have left.

Make arrangements for children and pets
It’s a good idea to make sure children and pets are out of the way on moving day. The best case scenario is for them to be somewhere else. Have your children stay with friends or relatives if possible or kennel your pets. If that isn’t possible, put pets somewhere out of the way, such as in a garage and keep children with you at all times.

One more thing that will help your move go smoothly is working with a top-notch moving company such as Changing Spaces Moving. Find out more about us at Changing Places Moving.

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