How to Maintain Air conditioners in San Antonio

by | Jun 28, 2013 | Air Conditioning

Having a working air conditioner can be a life saver in the hot summer months. It helps people and pets remain cool and comfortable and can prevent life threatening situations such as heat stroke to heat exhaustion. The good news is that taking care of an air conditioning unit is not hard to do and not very costly if the correct steps are taken and followed on a regular basis. Many steps that can be done to maintain the air conditioning unit do not require using a professional contractor.

One of the easiest things to do to prolong the life and working quality of the air conditioner is to change the air filter regularly. Most contractors recommend changing the air filter three to six months. Doing this step is important because continuing to use a dirty filter can increase the work the compressor has to do which can lead to an expensive replacement if it stops working too soon. It is also a good idea to look at the evaporator coil located in the air handler to see if there is any dust on the coils. If it is too dusty or dirty it can decrease the effectiveness of the air conditioning unit.

Air conditioners San Antonio need the condenser unit on the outside of the conditioner checked also. A common and easy way to clean the condensing unit is to wash it off with a garden hose. This can remove any debris such as leaves, pollen or dead insects which could decrease the flow of air. The belt in the air handler should be checked and replaced as needed. Drive motor parts or bearings may need to be oiled. This can be checked by a contractor. The electrical connections in the condensing unit should be checked for tightness and it it important to make sure wires are not rubbing against metal surfaces.

You may want to see if the contactors which helps the compressor function need to be replaced. Not all air conditioning units use the same type of contactor so using a professional contractor of an air conditioner repair service may help with checking if they need to be replaced. Contractors can also look at the air duct system to see f there are any leaks. Following these basic steps will help to maintain and prolong the life of your air conditioner unit.


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