How To Know If Your Auto Batteries Are Working Properly

For a vehicle to function properly, it requires good quality auto batteries. An auto battery plays an important role in helping the engine of your vehicle to start and function properly.

What is the Working Principle of Auto Batteries?

An auto battery is a lead-acid battery. Auto batteries are made of lead plates and separate lead dioxide plates. These plates are then submerged in a solution. The solution contains 38% sulfuric acid and 62% water. A chemical reaction takes place and results in the release of electrons and thus electricity is produced. You need to take proper care of your auto battery so that it lasts long.

How to Know When Your Auto Battery is Dead?

When your auto battery fails to perform its function, you will be in trouble most of the time. Here are some signs that show it is time to replace your auto batteries.

  1. Engine not starting: When you try to start the vehicle and the engine cranks but is not starting, then it means the problem is with your battery. If it cranks very slowly, then it means your battery is down and you need to charge the battery. Using the jumper cables you can start your vehicle when your battery is down. Once the vehicle starts, you have to confirm whether your battery is really dead or it just requires to be charged.
  2. No cranks, no lights: If there are no cranks and no lights, then it is a much more serious problem. In this condition, it is better to call a friend or a tow truck. A service station can check the battery to see if it still has life in it or whether it needs to be replaced.
  3. Cold cranking not working: Cold cranking amps are responsible for your battery to work the first time you start the vehicle in a day. If the cold cranking is not functioning properly, then it is a sign of a faulty battery. For more information visit at website. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.
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