How to Increase your Chances of Catching the Speckled Trout in Winter

Fishing in winter can be a very rewarding experience. During these periods, fish tend to move in large schools and this increases the chances of you filling up your box much faster. But in order to catch certain species like the speckled trout, there are other considerations you must have. Winter is normally characterized by different wind patterns and variations in temperature and all these have an impact in the availability of this particular species. In order to increase your catch of this species during winter, consider the following factors-:


The aspects of weather to consider are the atmospheric pressure, wind as well as the clarity of the sky. The atmospheric pressure is important because it determines the feeding habits of the speckled trout amongst other species of fish. For instance, during high atmospheric pressures, the fish will be less active and will not eat too much but during low atmospheric pressures, the fish will increase in their activity and will feed more aggressively. You can get real time information on the atmospheric pressure from a number of websites in the internet.

Wind on the other hand affects the clarity of the deep waters. When the winds are low, the water will be clear and the speckled trout are likely to spooky and run away from oncoming boats or refuse to take the baits. But during windy days, the waters will be stirred a bit and this will reduce the spookiness of the fish and it will also give the boat a better drift allowing a lot of distance to be covered within a short time. In the same manner, clear skies will also affect the clarity of the water and as well as the atmospheric pressure and have the effects discussed above.

Movement of the tides

Tidal movements also have an effect on the feeding habits of the speckled trout. For instance, it has been discovered that the trout will feed better on moving tides as opposed to stationary tides or when there are no tides completely. Therefore in winter, it is good idea to time your fishing on a high tide that is already receding because during this time, the fish love to move to the shallow waters to get some warmth. But when the tides begin to drop, the fish also move along with it to the deeper waters where it will not be easy to get them.

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