How To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Heating And Air System

by | Sep 4, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When energy costs are on the rise, homeowners are looking to save money any way they can.  One important way to lower your energy bills is by increasing the efficiency of your heating and air in Carrollton.  Your furnace and air conditioning units consume a large portion of the energy used by your home and so it only makes sense to make sure they are running smoothly and efficiently.

One of the easiest ways to keep your heating and air in Carrollton running efficiently is by regularly changing the furnace filter.  These filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.  A filter should be changed frequently during the winter and summer and may need to be changed as frequently as monthly.  When a filter is dirty it makes the heating and cooling system work harder to pull the air through the ducts.  This wastes energy and translates into higher energy bills.

It is also important to have your system tuned by a professional at least every year.  Professional heating and cooling technicians can keep your system running in tip top condition.  Small problems can be caught early before they become large ones. During a good tune up, the technician should also perform a thorough cleaning of your unit.  This keeps debris from building up in the system.  This may make for less repair bills down the road and can extend the life of your system.

If you are still seeing your energy bills skyrocket, it may be time for new equipment.  A

programmable thermostat is a good place to start.  Programmable thermostats help regulate the temperature of your home at different times of the day.  If you are away from your home at regular times of the day, a thermostat can control the temperature of your home so that you are not wasting energy while you are away.  If your system is older than 10 years old, it might be time to replace the whole thing.  With advances in technology, newer models are much more energy efficient.  Look for a unit that has been energy star rated for the best efficiency.  When considering heating and air in Carrollton, remember a unit is only as effective as its installation.  By hiring a professional to inspect and install your system you can increase the efficiency of your system greatly.

These are just a few ways to increase the efficiency of your heating and air in Carrollton.  In so doing, you can decrease your energy consumption thereby lowering your heating and cooling expenses.  That way you can be warm in the winter and cool in the summer without breaking the bank.

Heating and Air Carrollton – Increase the efficiency of your heating and air system in Carrollton by following these few tips. Contact First Call Air Conditioning & Heating and save money on your heating and air systems and feel better knowing you are conserving energy at the same time.


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