How to Implement an Employee ID Card Policy

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Shopping

As your business grows and more employees are hired it might be time to consider an employee ID card policy. ID cards allow staff to safely enter and exit the building while providing security to areas of your facility.

The Benefits of Photo ID

Having photo ID lets both staff and visitors know that security is a serious consideration at your business. Many small businesses grow quickly but do not have their security and technology keep up to pace. Photo ID allows you to keep track of new hires and let’s them know that entry into the building is for those who hold security cards only. It will also allow you to set up check points in larger offices so that visitors cannot wander around unsupervised. This in turn can lower insurance costs when they see you have a serious security system in place.

A Good Policy

It is important to then have a security ID policy in place from the photos taken to the ordering of a suitable ID holder lanyard. First you should decide on how far you want to take the security. Do you simply want to have photo ID for staff to wear to enter at reception as well as throughout the building or do you actually want scannable ID using a security system with checkpoints? Flash passes that involve a simple photo ID are easy to manage and you can actually have your personnel department take the photos and provide the ID cards as staff are hired. However unless you have either a security guard or a very diligent receptionist it is easy for people to get by without flashing their card. Cards that involve technology and scanning are often referred to as proximity cards and require radio frequency set ups that allow access by locking and unlocking doors when cards are scanned. The last choice is smart card technology which allows employee ID cards to provide anything from building access to access to computers and other equipment such as photocopiers.

Once you make your choices, make sure you use a quality card that is difficult to copy and provide staff with an ID card holder lanyard that has your company name and logo on it as well.

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