How to have a Successful Intervention

It is very hard to simply sit by and watch someone that you love or care for destroy their health due to drug abuse. By planning a well-executed intervention you can get your loved the help they need to get on with their life and become a productive member of society. Most people believe they have to be a professional drug counselor to stage an intervention. This is not true, the only qualifications that you need to have is the willingness and love it takes to get someone off of drugs. Here are a few tips to help you stage a successful intervention. While you can use the services of a Malibu rehabilitation service for assistance, it is not always necessary.

Whom to Involve

You should only involve anyone who was negatively affected by the person’s addiction at some point. The majority of the time, the people involved in the intervention will be family, friends and trained professionals hired to aid in the process. This will comfort the addict because they are surrounded by people they are familiar with and realize this to be an act of love instead of an attack on their character.

You should avoid involving any people who have had a negative effect on the user’s life. Involving this type of person will only enrage the addict and take the focus off of the underlying issue of the user’s addiction. Make sure each person involved understands the importance of the intervention and takes this matter very seriously. Any resistance you have from any key family members about being involved should be addressed by telling them that the intervention is all about forgiveness and love instead of the rehashing of past wrongdoings by the addict.

The Right Tone

The feel of the intervention should be one of love and caring. This also extends to the tone of voice used with the addict during this process. You should have an understanding and loving tone, not being judgmental or acting in disgust of the persons actions. If the addict feels they are being judged, the intervention will not be a success. The addict is looking for any reason they can not to seek treatment, so the worst thing you can do is start a fight which leads to them storming out.

Generally, the addict will be somewhat apologetic about their actions while on drugs, this is a good sign that they will accept the treatment offered during the intervention. The best thing to do when the addict apologizes is to just listen. If the addict feels like they can talk and be heard, they are more apt to be open about the causes of their addiction and admitting that they need help to overcome the addiction.

When it comes to addiction, seeking the services of Malibu rehabilitation is essential. Contact Serenity Malibu to learn more.

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