How to Get Natural Help for Your Back Pain in San Diego, CA

by | Nov 30, 2013 | Chiropractic

Back pain is one of the worst types of pain to deal with. Since your back is involved in almost every movement your body goes through, back pain can leave you unable to function entirely. When most people experience back pain, they reach for pain medications and even seek doctors for invasive surgical procedures. Though surgery can sometimes correct the cause of back pain, it often leads to more and more surgeries, as time goes on. To find true relief for your back pain in San Diego CA, there are natural treatments in the form of chiropractic care. Through these treatments, your need for pain medication can be reduced and even eliminated.

What Can You Expect From a Chiropractic Adjustment for Back Pain in San Diego, CA?

When you first go in for your chiropractic adjustment, you will talk about your medical history with the doctor. The doctor will ask you questions about the pain you are experiencing as well as questions about your overall health. You will then be examined, using special diagnostic testing in the form of physical examination, reflex checks and X-rays. This will allow the chiropractor to find the cause of your pain and see if chiropractic adjustments may help you.

Back pain is often caused by subluxations in the spine. When the spinal vertebrae come out of alignment, they can press on your nerves in the back, causing symptoms from mild to severe. The longer your nerves are compressed, the more pain and other symptoms you will most likely experience. Even chronic back pain is often caused by these subluxations. Through a chiropractic treatment, the doctor can correct these issues and give you immediate pain relief.

Using gentle and precise movements, the chiropractor will move your spine back into the correct alignment. Many patients report feeling instant relief and with subsequent treatments are able to reduce using pain medications and eventually stop. Many have been able to prevent invasive and dangerous surgeries, simply by having regular chiropractic exams.

If you are suffering with back pain , contact the CK Chiropractic Center and make an appointment for a consultation today. They care about your pain and want to help you find relief, in the most natural ways possible.

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