How to fix common plumbing problems

Plumbers in Danville provide extremely important services but in many cases the problems that you may experience with your plumbing do not need their experience and expertise. Many of the common problems are easy to fix, in doing so you save yourself considerable money.

The complaint; low water pressure:

When someone in your home complains about low water pressure it may be an issue within the home or the utility company may be experiencing problems. The problem is usually noticed at a sink faucet; the first thing for you to do is run the cold water, shut it off and then run the hot water. If the pressure is low when both hot and cold water is running it will usually be the aerator is plugged with calcium deposits. This is an easy fix, unscrew it from the tap, clean out all the debris and return it to the tap.

The problem; slow draining sink:

A slow draining sink is another common problem found in the home, in many cases the problem is with the pop-up sink stopper. The pop-up has a mechanism which can easily collect hair and soap scum over time. To solve the problem the easiest way is to remove the pop-up and clean it of all the accumulated debris. Most pop-ups are held together with a clip or small nut which is located under the basin, remove the fastener and the stopper can be extracted easily, once the stopper is cleaned, reverse the process to reinstall it.

The problem; running toilet:

A running toilet can add considerable to your water bill, at times it does not run hard enough to hear, there will only be a slight ripple on the surface of the water in the bowl, easy to miss at times. However, fixing it is not difficult. There are three things that can go wrong:

1. Fill valve: Look at the overflow tube; if water is continually going into the tube then the fill valve is faulty.

2. Flapper chain: if the chain is either too long or too short this can be the problem. If it’s too long it can get trapped under the rubber flap, if it’s too short the flap will not close properly.

3. Check the flapper itself, as they age they can easily warp and not fit correctly at the water outlet.

All of the parts that are necessary to make the fix can be purchased in any hardware store or DIY store.e

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