How to Design Your Home with Stained Doors

Wood stained doors have recently been getting a lot of attention because of the way they look when compared to the bland textures of the metal and aluminum doors that have become so prevalent in recent years. Wood stains are created by adding a solvent to a colorant and applying to the wood surface to get a fine, varnished finish that a lot of people like having in their houses. Designing your home with stained doors requires you to take the decor of the house into consideration. Stained doors work both as indoor and outdoor trims and, depending on where you use it, your decor will need to be considered to match with the door itself.


Indoor stained doors work great with wooden or faux wood flooring. Keeping the theme of varnished wood as constant, you could try to get something along those lines for wallpaper. Tiling could work with stained doors, but the texture would have to match the wood grain. A safer alternative would be to get flooring that is either wooden, or artificially designed wood to fit the look of the interior. All the wood finishes should be varnished as well, to keep the decor constant across the room.


Stained wood as an entry door is a bit trickier. Stained wood entryways are usually designed to fall within a patio or porch that is either wooden or faux-wood. The material complements the door, and the door fits seamlessly into the area that is designed for it without a problem. It should be noted that including a stained door as an entryway for a house that is going to have a painted front is not desirable. The stained wood would be covered over by the paint and lose its impact as an addition to the outdoor decor. In a case where you are going to leave the front face of the house unpainted, you should still seek to create the illusion of varnished wood if putting in actual wood is not an option. That is why keeping a constant theme in design is especially important for the exterior of a building.

Using a stained door requires a bit of know-how on your part, in order to get the design done according to what would look best. If you have a skilled architect or designer working on your building, then it would be a simple case of asking their professional opinion. If you prefer the DIY method, then you should look at the available doors to see what you think would go best with the design you have in mind. Indiana has a lot of designers that believe in the appeal of a stained door. When you take a look at the available choices, you’d probably agree that stained doors offer a great selection for any design you could dream up. Visit Nick’s Building website for more information.

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