How to deal with sewer backups

Sewer cleaning in St Paul MN is usually needed when grease, hair, soap scum and foreign objects block the drain, the same is true when a heavy downpour floods the sanitary sewer system. Situations such as this cannot wait for correction, they demand immediate attention and until such time as the problem is solved all water usage in the home must cease. A clogged drain is something that can be rectified by an experienced crew that do sewer cleaning in St Paul MN while a flooded sanitary sewer can only subside when the rains stop. When a sewer backup happens the sewage overflow can quickly contaminate the surfaces in the home, some of these surfaces, such as tiled floors and bathtubs can be cleaned once the problem has been rectified while others such as carpeting or drywall cannot.

There are a number of reasons why a sewer will back-up; one of the biggest problems is a buildup of hair and grease which eventually will form a solid plug in the pipe. Another common problem is tree roots invading the drains looking for a source of water. Other problems that sewer cleaners identify are foreign objects such as diapers being flushed down the toilet, sewer pipes being crushed by heavy vehicles traveling over the area and water from a heavy rainfall draining into the municipal sanitary sewers which can back up the sewer lateral into the home.

Regardless of the cause of the backup, the problem must be attended too quickly. While locating the problem all water use in the home must be stopped. Most homes have a plunger around and they are effective with minor clogs in individual drains but they are of no value when the problem is a complete sewer backup. When this happens a professional team that deal with sewer cleaning in St Paul MN must be called in.

Professional sewer cleaning companies use state of the art equipment such as CCTV cameras to locate the location of the backup before attempting any repairs. Once the problem has been located the crew has sharp rotary tools at their disposal which they send into the pipe to clear the blockage. If they find that the problem has been caused by broken or crushed pipes they will rely on heavy digging equipment to relocate and replace the pipe. The one problem that only nature can solve is a sewer backup caused by flood waters, the situation will correct itself once the rains have stopped and the sewer drains enough to allow free flow again.

A serious blockage in your drainage system will require professional sewer cleaning in St Paul MN. You are invited to call Drain King, they have the equipment necessary to quickly locate the location of the problem and rectify it.

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