How to Choose the Right Employees to Work with Your Trade Show Exhibit Displays

When you figure out which of the trade show exhibit displays will work for your company, your job is not done. Even the best display can falter if you do not have a staff that is trained and ready to handle the visitors at the show. Your staff’s interaction is just as important as your display, which is why training is vital to your show’s success. If you don’t take the time to choose the right staff and train them properly, you could risk the success of your trade show.

Choose Wisely

When you choose the employees to attend your trade show, you must choose wisely. Just because you have an employee who is a great salesperson, it does not mean he will understand how to work a trade show. Selling out in the field is a different ball game than working a trade show. You need to choose those employees who have the drive to succeed but will not be overbearing in the face of the consumers.

Ask Questions

Your trade show staff should know how to ask open-ended questions that prompt consumers to interact with them. Simply asking questions that require a yes or no answer will not encourage consumers to step into your booth and learn more about your products. Open-ended questions that invite conversation will be more likely to bring consumers into your trade show exhibit displays, enabling them to learn more about your company.

Constantly Train

As your trade show exhibits change, so should your training. You don’t want to keep your displays stagnant, enabling consumers to know what to expect at your exhibits each time they interact with you. You want them to be surprised with each show, breaking out new tactics, techniques and even displays to make even those consumers who have already visited your booth want to come back to see what you have to offer that might be different this time around.

Creating the perfect trade show exhibit displays is an important job. Once you have the perfect display, it is just as important to pick the perfect staff to work the show. Not every employee who works for you will be well qualified to work the show. Take a close look at each person’s capabilities and willingness to learn new tactics to help make your trade show as successful as possible.

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