How to Choose the Best Marine Generator for Your Recreational Boat

Electricity powers many aspects of daily life that people take for granted until they have to live without it. When you’re out on a lake or the open ocean, you can’t access the land-based power grid, which means you need a generator. Whether you’re looking for a unit to power your fishing boat, pontoon or yacht, consider these three tips to find the best small marine generator for your boat.

Pick a Fuel Source

The first thing you need to consider is whether you want a gasoline or diesel generator. Diesel fuel is safer and less volatile, which makes it suitable for enclosed spaces. If you choose gasoline, make sure that your unit is properly ventilated at all times.

Measure Your Generator Space

You can’t take your boat to the store, so it’s important to get accurate measurements before purchasing a generator. A small marine generator is suitable for most recreational boats, but a substantial houseboat or yacht may require a larger model. If you have a very small craft like a motorboat or sailboat, maximize interior space by choosing the smallest model that fits your needs.

Evaluate Your Energy Needs

Although your first thought might be that more power is better, you don’t want a generator with more wattage than you need. A generator that runs at insufficient load can cause problems like carbon buildup. Generators run most efficiently at 35 to 70 percent of their maximum loads.

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