How to Choose a Newborn Photographer

by | Jul 23, 2013 | Business Services

As expecting parents, you’re likely already thinking about how adorable your baby can be. You may even be wondering when and where you’ll get those first photographs of baby taken professionally. However, you may not know where to turn when looking for an NYC newborn photographer. There are many different photographers in the area, and it can be difficult to choose. Fortunately, there are a few things to consider when choosing your NYC newborn photographer.

Great Family Photos – Great for Newborns?

You may have a friend or family member who recently took their family to have family portraits done. In talking with the photographer, your friend discovered that she also does newborn photos as well. Although the family photos were amazing, this does not necessarily mean photos of your newborn will turn out the way you expect. It is important to note that your friend had a good experience with the photographer and definitely something to keep in mind. However, not all subject of photography – family, weddings, graduations, babies, etc. – are all for every photographer. This is because each subject is different, and needs to be handled different. When choosing an NYC newborn photographer you want to make sure he or she has experience – and lots of it – taking pictures of newborns. Patience is a must, and make sure you can view their newborn portfolio to see if you like the way they take photos of newborns.

What to Look for

As you have learned, newborn photography is unlike any other type of photography out there. The photography you choose does need to have certain characteristics, or at least be able to display those in your photos. That said, you definitely need to get a look at the newborn portfolio of the photographer, and take note of a few things. You want to ensure that the pictures are classic, yet timeless sin nature, the baby is the focus of the photos, and the baby looks comfortable, peaceful, and relaxed. If you discover that the NYC newborn photographer’s portfolio you are looking at has all these characteristics, you’ve found a winner.

Once you have gotten a reference or two from friends or family members, and taken the time to review their portfolio, you are ready to choose your NYC newborn photographer. The most important point, however, is that you are comfortable with the individual, and baby has taken a nap on picture day.


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