How to Choose a Good Plumber

Finding and selecting the right plumbing company or a professional plumber may seem like an easy task, you simply pick up the yellow pages, call a few numbers, or go online and search for a “good plumbing” company, or plumber. However, when it comes to getting a plumbing job done properly by professionals, you may find yourself spending more than just a few minutes online or on the phone.

Well-informed consumers are always looking to save money wherever possible, and plumbing work, whether large or small, can be an expensive service to acquire. If a consciously well-informed consumer decision is not made for the sake of saving money, a poor plumbing job can cost you future headaches while piling up plumbing expenses. Although there can be many self-proclaimed plumbers with the ability to do a good job, the fact is: plumbing is a skilled trade which requires certain qualifications.

Inquire about experience and qualifications:

You can save time, money and stress by simply contracting the plumbing services of a licensed plumber. As with any professional trade, trained and skilled trades people should always provide their license number, specifically in the ads they display. If you find an appealing ad for plumbing work, be certain to look for their license number — if a license number is not found, move on to another plumbing service. States require that all plumbers, including journeymen, and subcontractors be licensed, and carry with them an ID card.

Often times a plumbing company or individual who is publicly offering their service will provide their amount of time and experience in the field. Depending on the kind of work needed, if an ad does not immediately provide such information, make it the first question you ask.

Bargaining a quote

Whether a plumbing job is large or small, bargaining a quote is not only done to save money, it also allows you to gauge the quality of the plumber’s work. To get the job, and offer an enticing quote, plumbers may scale back their work and not provide the top-notch service required — prepare to get more than just a few quotes. Comparing low and high-end quotes, allows you to choose the right one based on an even measure of quality and cost.

Cover all cost bases

* If paying by the hour, be sure to ask for the amount of hours it will take to get the job done.
* Ask what happens if the job goes over the amount of hours stipulated, could they lower the hourly rate?
* Is there a money back guarantee? If so, be sure to get it in writing.

References and business stability

In today’s Internet age, finding information regarding a business has been made substantially easier and more available. Finding references and reviews is just a matter of using the right search words in your favorite search browser. If you are set on a plumber after receiving a reasonable quote, take it a step further — get at least two or more references and find online reviews. You may also want to inquire about seeing some of the work they have done.

Finally, and probably one of the best ways to acquire good plumbing service, is through word of mouth. Ask friends and family, and even online forums if they have dealt with a reliable, cost-effective professional plumbing service they can recommend. You can also visit Best Plumbing Services for more information.

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