How To Change A Flat Tire

by | Feb 7, 2012 | Automotive

Owning a vehicle comes with many great opportunities; you will be able to drive to and from as you please.  With this great opportunity, there are some possible set backs that you should be prepared for.  One setback to a vehicle is nothing on the vehicle lasts forever, including the tires.  Knowing how to change a flat tire may possibly save you if you ever become stranded. Contact your local Tires Sterling center and find out if they can show you how to change a flat tire.  Often times it is helpful for some people to see and hear instructions.  This may also help relieve any anxiety you may have in regards to changing your own flat tire.

First thing, anyone that drives can change a flat tire!  You will just have to be prepared to be able to change your flat tire.  Go to your local tires Alexandria service center and ask if they have a flat tire repair kit or check your vehicle to see if there is already one in there.  There are a couple of items that will be required for you to be able to change a flat tire.  You will need to have, a spare tire, a car jack, and a tire iron.

You will want to make sure that you are on a flat surface, and there is no oncoming traffic before you jack your vehicle up. You will want to remove the spare and the tire iron from your trunk and have them placed near the damaged tire before you do anything.  Having the equipment that you need handy may help this whole process to run smoothly for you. Once you have your equipment ready, go ahead and jack your car up.  Once your car is up, you can start to loosen each tire nut with your tire iron.

Once you have the lug nuts loosened, it is time to remove the flat tire and to install the new spare tire.  Make sure that you keep the flat tire flat on the ground; you do not want the tire to roll away.  Now, you are ready to install the new spare tire.  Make sure that you tighten the lug nuts properly.  At this point head to your nearest tires Sterling center and have them check your tire pressure, your installation of the spare tire, and you will need to buy a new tire.  The tires Sterling center will also let you know if you need to buy a new spare tire or if you can reuse the one you have.

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