How to Care for Your Fine Art in LA

Owning artwork can be a pleasant experience, however plenty of fine art owners have found themselves in the situation where they can see their collection deteriorating. This happens when the owner does not take the necessary care of his collection. When doing this risks the structural integrity and more importantly, the beauty of the work. You need to learn how to take care of your collection, by doing so, you will prolong the life of your art and protect its beauty from any blemishes. Using this how-to guide you’ll be able to pick up a couple tips on taking care of your art in LA. From placing it into fine art storage in LA to using the right cleaning equipment, read the following tips for some key pointers:

Tip 1

When placing your art work, you need to consider a few things about its surrounding environment. Is there smoke? Are there greasy residues about? Are pets allowed in this room? Be cautious about your placement, be aware that most foreign contaminants can damage your art work, from dust to hair, and make sure it will be in the least dirty environment possible. If you’re not confident of any environment you can provide for the art, then the best bet would be to place the piece in fine art storage in Los Angeles until you’ve prepared a suitable place.

Tip 2

When cleaning your art, you need to know exactly what to do, otherwise you could ruin it forever. Some amateur fine art lovers will clean their own paintings using a soft bristle brush and bread. This method is used generally for its soft touch. Firstly you use the brush to get rid of any dust or dirt, then you take your bread and dab at sections of the painting, the remaining dirt will cling to the bead. However this technique, while being easy and affordable, can prove to be very time consuming and have imperfect results.

Other people tend to use a solution of vinegar and water, starting from 1 part vinegar, 7 parts water. This technique, while it does work, can prove very risky. If you do choose to attempt it, be very watchful for discoloration. This process is known to cause such destruction if not used correctly.

Preferably you should give it into a professional cleaners, most fine art storage in Los Angeles will have a cleaning service, if not, they will know of one. Ask your provider for information.

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