How Racine Well Drilling Companies Drill Wells

Racine Well Drilling companies have the equipment, knowledge, and ability to drill water wells for your home. The process is the same in Wisconsin as it is anywhere else in the United States. A professional Racine Well Drilling company will follow the correct steps so you end up with a water well with clean, fresh water that pours into your sinks with ease.

Drilling the Hole

First, the Racine Well Drilling company has to dig a hole into the ground to reach the fresh water supply. This can be done by hand if the fresh water isn’t very far in the ground. The process is most commonly done using a rotary drilling machine. The machine has a bit on the end that is pushed into the ground and turned. It is similar to how a hand drill works, and why it’s called well drilling. Once water is reached, the next step is to install a casing.

Installing the Casing

The hole is cased with a PVC or steel pipe. This keeps the hole from caving in and makes it easier to keep the water clean. Some drilled wells are cased after the hole is dug. The pipe is inserted all the way down the hole until it reaches the water. Some drilling machines have the capability to install the casing while the hole is being dug. As the hole gets deeper, the casing is lowered farther down. It turns just like the bit and works its way down the hole.

Installing the Filter

You can’t just drink the water from beneath the ground without filtering it because of all the dirt, bugs, and other nasty stuff. A screen and filter are installed inside the well so that all the junk is left behind. When the water reaches your faucet, it is cleaner and safer. You can always add a second filter to your faucet for even cleaner water. The well is then capped to keep out bugs and animals. Your well is now complete. Once it is hooked up to your home water system, you can have fresh water to drink.


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