How Property Managers Can Avoid Online Scams

As online classified websites and social networking sites have skyrocketed to fame over the last several years, scammers have come out of the woodwork as well.  The scammers are very professional at what they do, so potential tenants and customers often find it difficult to distinguish between a bogus and legitimate ad.  Rental management Little Rock companies can combat against online scams, but they have to first know they exist.  Property managers should monitor online activity the best they can to ensure they and their valuable clients are not victims to these scams.  There are two specific scams that are prevalent, so they need to stay on top of things to avoid being associated with people who are up to no good.

Scam 1- Listings

One of the most popular tactics scammers use is to list homes that are actually on the market.  Even though they are not associated with the homes, they will steal information such as photos, property specifics, and in some cases a property address, but not often.  They will then post the home for rent online under a bogus name.  They will typically convince ad responders to put down a deposit to hold the property and will usually offer a fake reason as to why the inside of the home cannot be seen.  Once people pay this money, then they are out the money, and the property manager who is actually in charge of the property looks bad.  It is really difficult to find the location of the scammers because they hide their identity well.

Scam 2- Bogus Rent

Another very common scam is where scammers are breaking into lockboxes on homes that are actually for rent or that have been foreclosed upon.  They rent gorgeous homes to eager tenants for low rates and then run with the money.  If a good management company is in control of the property, then the criminal activity is spotted quickly.  If the management company is negligent in their duties to keep up with empty homes under their management, then the scammers make a clear getaway before anyone even realizes what they have done.  Property managers need to stay vigilant so that they do not fall victim to individuals that prey on people who are looking for a nice home with a reputable management company.  This is a no win situation for everyone involved.

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