How Professional Arborists Provide Storm Damage Services in Appleton WI

Professional arborists may provide Storm Damage Services in Appleton WI after high winds or lightning has caused harm to trees. The property owners will want to hire a full-service tree care company with technicians who know how to safely remove trees that cannot be saved and to bring down large, broken branches. An insurance claim might be made if a tree has fallen on the house or garage, or a vehicle.

Complicated Work

Cutting up live, hanging branches as part of Storm Damage Services in Appleton WI is very different from sawing up branches or even entire trees that are on the ground. A chain saw can make quick work of limbs and trees that are no longer perched precariously overhead. The tree service technician may need to use ropes and other tools to make sure large branches do not strike any buildings or vehicles as they come down.

Storm Damage

In this region, gale-force winds are uncommon, but they do sometimes occur and cause major damage. Straight-line winds can uproot trees and blow them over. Rotating winds from a funnel cloud also can cause severe problems, even if the twister never touches the ground. Lightning sometimes strikes unpredictably, and since trees commonly are the highest point in a neighborhood, the electric bolt finds that tall wood structure.

Emergency and Non-Emergency Service

Removing trees after they have fallen on a building or are at significant risk of doing so is top priority for tree services after a severe storm blows through an area. This is considered a true emergency for the property owners. Technicians from a company such as Fox Valley Tree Care then continue moving down the priority list, helping customers make decisions about trying to save beloved trees that have lost huge limbs.

If the work is not an emergency and can wait until the worst of the problems have been resolved in town, this is a good time for the property owner to schedule a full evaluation of all the trees on the property. Pruning and shaping can be done if this is overdue. Sick and dying limbs can be removed, decreasing stress on the trees.

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