How Often Do You Need Septic Pumping in Maui?

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Business Services

Septic tanks are used for waste-water drainage in locations that do not have access to municipal sewage lines. If you don’t have a sewer bill, chances are that you have one. As such, you need to be aware of how the septic tank works and what is done to maintain these systems. One of the services that will be required is septic pumping Maui. When does this service need to be completed?

Septic systems are comprised of a large concrete tank that is located underground at some point on your property. If you are not aware of its location, documents about your property contain maps that will mark its location in most instances. If this is not the case, the septic tank company employee can likely locate it by following the direction of the main drain pipe from your home.

The tank receives all wastewater from your home. While the water may leave the tank through small tubes and end up in the leach bed outside, the solid material will remain. This will need to be removed every so often. One good aspect is that bacterial action helps to break down the majority of this material. As such, you need to be cautioned about using too many cleaners-;such as bleach or drain cleaner- in the drains. These have a negative impact on the bacteria population in your tank.

You can expect to need your tank pumped once every three to five years. This duration between Septic Pumping in Maui is dependent on factors such as how large the tank is, how many residents live in the home, and how much paper and other such material has been added to the system. While most toilet paper is rated safe for septic tanks, the less material that is introduced, the better. Plus, the new moist wipe products have proven to be an issue for sewers and septic tanks alike, and should be avoided.

The pump truck will arrive at your home, and the driver will use a special rod to locate the tank if it is completely buried. If you have a cap above ground, this is an easy process. If not, the driver may need to dig down a few feet to find where the tank can be assessed for pumping.

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