How New Gutter Installation in Olympia, WA Can Reduce Mosquito Populations

Properly installed rain gutters can reduce mosquito populations around a home. The buzz of a mosquito is annoying, and their bites are irritating, but these tiny insects are more than just a minor nuisance. These pests carry a variety of nasty diseases, including malaria and West Nile Virus, so it’s important to keep their populations to a minimum. Here are two ways new gutters can reduce mosquito populations around your property.

New gutters reduce the risk of clogs.

Gutters that are old and outdated might be too narrow for the home or too worn out to function properly. In both cases, clogs are likely a regular occurrence. Clogged gutters and downspouts are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Water, along with decaying leaves, is an attractive place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. In these conditions, pupa and larvae will thrive.

Reach out to companies that specialize in Gutter Installation in Olympia Wa to have new gutters installed. Additionally, ask about gutter guards, as these will help keep the gutter free of debris, thus reducing the likelihood that mosquitoes will lay eggs. 

Properly installed gutters will direct water away from the home.Poorly installed or worn out gutters often leak, leaving standing water on the property. Gutters are designed to drain water away from the home, but when they’re not in good working order, water will overflow from the gutters and spill down onto the foundation.

Standing water on the property not only has the potential to damage the home’s foundation, but it will also attract mosquitoes. These puddles provide an excellent breeding environment for mosquitoes and even the smallest amount of standing water is enough. Contact a specialist in Gutter Installation in Olympia Wa to get a quote on installing new gutters and reducing mosquito populations for good.

Mosquitoes are a huge problem during the warmer months because of their bite and the diseases they carry. It’s important to control mosquito populations to limit exposure and keep your family and loved ones safe. One easy way to do this is by having new gutters installed by a professional. Contact local gutter experts for help today.

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