How Managed Internet Redundancy Helps Your Online Business

In many aspects of business redundancy is an extra cost that savvy business managers are able to eliminate from their systems and their bottom line. However, when it comes to Managed Internet Redundancy and online business and e-commerce sites redundancy should be a top priority.

What is Managed Internet Redundancy

The very basic concept of Managed Internet Redundancy is simple. There is a set path for information from your computer systems to get out through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to the internet. This system is established and the premier or primary pathway, but it is not the only option.

When that system fails, information is not able to move through this pathway, either incoming or outgoing. It is important to realize that this may not be just because of a complete failure; it could be because the system is performing below standards. This could be because of a connectivity issue or a loss of packets through transmission.

When you utilize Managed Internet Redundancy the system constantly runs checks to make sure everything is operating correctly and to minima standards. When minimum standards aren’t met the system automatically knows and switches to Path B, the Managed Internet Redundancy option. You can also have multiple redundancies, in the case of the cloud, which can even deal with component failures outside of the internet connection itself.

What Customers Experience

What customers will experience, and what you will see, is that with Managed Internet Redundancy there is virtually no disruption in service. The system automatically continues and monitors, as well as switches pathways, to provide all users with the optimum service, speed and efficiency.

By using Managed Internet Redundancy your business, and your customers, will never experience things like websites that hang, crash or fail to load. With current cloud technology this is even more effective as internal pathways are automatically rerouted and reorganized so that even if a major component goes down that redundancy is there to take over and ensure that information is processed.

There are some many benefits to Managed Internet Redundancy it is hard to imagine why a business wouldn’t build this into their system. Virtually no downtime, always the most effective route, and very minimal packet loss are all hallmarks of this option.

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