How Long Is That Highway for Tuckers?

For those considering the option of asking the national trucking companies about their current vacancies, because you dream of driving the highways and enjoying the peaceful conditions, planning your driving is not the only obstacle on your course.

How Many Hours Can You Drive?

Only once you understand how many hours you are allowed to drive, can you plan your journey and all of those other lifestyle activities, like sharing time with your family, eating and entertainment.

Once you sign in for work, your clock has started to tick. You are allowed to work up to 14 hours a day and can only be physically driving for 11. If the distance you wish to drive is going to take more than 11 hours, you will have to arrange your plans accordingly. It’s going to take you more than one day.

The regulations also tell you that you must take a half hour break before you’ve completed eight hours of work. Once you’ve completed your days driving, you must wait 10 hours before you can begin driving again.

As most truckers are paid by the mile through the national trucking companies, there is a need to keep moving. Particularly, as most pickups and deliveries are scheduled for a specific time and it’s always best that drivers can meet those responsibilities.

You won’t just be sitting in your truck driving for most of the day and be ready to run a marathon at the end of it. It is extremely tiring work which is why the rules are set in place to keep drivers alert and healthy.

There Is Always a Parking Space

Planning where to park is part of your overall scheduling. You can’t afford to waste time looking for somewhere to dock for the night. Almost certainly you won’t be able to park your truck where you pick up or leave deliveries because the owners of those establishments will want you out of their property as soon as possible.

As you consider your planning and working for one of the national trucking companies, don’t forget that a lot of truckers will want to stop and eat at the same time. This means the car parks may be full as well as the dining tables.

Is not easy driving long distance across the highways, because you also need to consider keeping your diesel the right temperature, logging onto the Internet to pass over information about your deliveries and confirming your pickups. There’s more to driving trucks than just heading down open highways.

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