How Immediate Roofing Repair In Rockville Can Stop Damage To Your Home

When your roof needs a repair, you shouldn’t put off getting the work done. A minor fix can often turn into an expensive repair if you wait too long. When you contact an experienced company that specializes in Roofing Repair in Rockville, you won’t have to worry about future problems. Below, you’ll learn about the types of damage that can occur if you put off getting your roof fixed.

Mold Growth
As the water from your roof leaks down into your home, it will permeate the insulation in the attic. Mold will begin to grow in the wet insulation and spread to other areas of your home. Breathing in mold spores is unhealthy, especially if you or a family member has allergies. When mold begins growing in your attic, you’ll have to spend the money to have the moldy insulation removed and new insulation put in its place.

Electrical Shock Or Fire
If you have a leaky roof, the water can drip down and land on the electrical wires in your attic. The unprotected wires that attach to the junction box can become wet and this can lead to electrical shock or it can start a fire in the insulation. If you discover water leaking into your attic from your roof, turn off the electric to your house at the main breaker box and contact a professional to inspect the wiring for potential problems.

Structural Damage
When water leaks into your home from a leaking roof, it will penetrate the wood framing of your house. As the wood gets wet, it will weaken as it rots and compromise the stability of your home. If the roof deck is rotten, you’ll have to replace the roof platform and then have a new roof installed. This expense can be avoided if you contact a company that does Roofing Repair in Rockville to fix your leaky roof before it causes this type of damage.

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