How Homeowners Can Address Shoddy Roofing Jobs

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Roofing

In the recent past, there have been numerous complaints about substandard roofing jobs carried out by contractors. Most of these complaints have been directed at roofing companies, with the insistence that these organizations should publicize the names of careless contractors so that other home owners are not duped in the future. Complaints about roofing jobs can range from contractors leaving behind a lot of waste materials when the job is complete to the entire roof collapsing after the contractor leaves the premises.  District roofing organizations in Harrisburg PA have also pointed out that some homeowners complain of continuous leaks or soggy roofs after the roofing contractor leaves. When such events occur, many homeowners usually attempt to contact the roofing contractor and sort out the matter directly. Moreover, some owners tend to overreact, and scream or yell at the contractor, which prompts an aggressive reaction from him. It is important to be professional when addressing the roofing contractors, and to point out to them exactly which details of the project require further attention.

If the issues are insignificant, it might be that the roofing contractor simply overlooked

something and can quickly correct it. If the contractor’s work is dreadful, however, it might mean that he may not have had any idea about how to fix the roof in the first place. It will then be inadvisable to require him to do a second job of repairing his mess because he might irreparably damage the roof. Such a case might require the intervention of a third party because most inexperienced contractors are unlikely to admit to shoddy workmanship. They are also usually not connected with any roofing associations. Many roofing contractors in Harrisburg PA usually provide details about the organizations they are affiliated with as well as their phone numbers prior to starting any roofing jobs. When these contractors disagree with home owners about roofing jobs, the advice of independent observers allows both parties to settle the issue amicably.

Another important point for homeowners to consider is that phone calls will not be used as evidence should complaints escalate and end up in court. Homeowners should also understand that it might be difficult to get the views or outlooks of independent contractors about the bad roofing job that their fellow worker carried out. This is because other roofers are usually reluctant to acquire a reputation of interfering in the engagements of others among their peers. Recognized roofing establishments in Harrisburg PA recommend that discontented homeowners should first make use of written letters and emails to contact their contractors and let them know about their complaints. If they receive no reply, they should then write a second letter detailing the steps they will take, if by a given date they have not heard from the contractor. Once that deadline has passed, the homeowner can then proceed to take legal steps to solve the problem. It’s always best to exercise prudence in dealing with these kinds of situation; it’s good to exhaust all legal and amicable means to settle the issues before resorting to something more serious.

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