How Hiring a Chimney Sweep in Suffolk County NY Can Keep Your Family Safe and Warm

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Having a fireplace in your home can be an enjoyable way to keep the romance alive in your relationship or schedule much-needed family time at the end of your workday. However, it’s vital that homeowners realize that unkempt fireplaces and chimneys are often far from enjoyable. For those homeowners who can’t remember the last time they called a professional to check on the status of their chimney, here are two compelling reasons to pick up the phone and do so without delay:

You may not realize this, but it is relatively easy to ignite a chimney fire. When creosote (a by-product of combustion that is quite flammable) begins to build up on the walls of your chimney, you are putting yourself and your family in a dangerous situation and running the risk of starting a fire the next time you attempt to enjoy a warm night by the fireplace. Having a chimney full of debris (even natural debris like a bird’s nest or tree branch) can also lead to a serious fire. A Chimney Sweep in Suffolk County NY can help ensure that creosote buildup and obstructions are removed so that your chimney operates safely.

Losing your home (or your life) to a chimney fire isn’t the only way that an un-swept chimney can threaten your family. While creosote buildup is flammable, a blocked chimney flue can be downright deadly. When this happens, carbon monoxide buildup can become a problem, especially if this dangerous gas is redirected back into your home. Thousands of lives are lost each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning, and thousands more get sick each year for the same reason. Instead of letting this happen to your family, make sure that you call a qualified Chimney Sweep in Suffolk County NY to help you handle the problem before it turns fatal.

The worst thing about chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning from blocked chimney flues is that both are preventable. However, the only way that you can assure that your family will be safe and sound when using the fireplace is to commit to regular chimney maintenance. Without a commitment, you will be putting those you love at risk. If you’ve been neglecting your chimney, visit us website to find out more about how a professional chimney sweep can help get you back on track so that your family can enjoy both warmth and safety for many years to come.

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