How Dress Shirts are Custom Made

The dress shirt is one of the clearest signifiers of high class and sophistication. However, it has always had a main hurdle. They are very specifically designed shirts, and thus are hard to fit on just anybody. So, if you’re even slightly overweight, you can’t just go and buy one without having to suck in your gut for the entire party you’re wearing it to. Thankfully, you won’t have to, since dress shirts are one of the easiest pieces of clothing to custom tailor for people. If you’re curious about the process behind custom made dress shirts in Long Island, the process of doing so is as follows.

#1. Fitting

The tailor first measures you, your width, height etc. until they have a good idea of your measurements. Once that’s done, they pick out a fabric and start working. The idea behind a well-tailored suit is:

  • The suit cuffs don’t pull back from the wrist when you extend an arm
  • It allows two fingers in the collar when buttoned
  • Tight enough around the chest to fit properly, but not too much as to be constricting.

Proper fitting is the key to a comfortable and stylish dress shirt, so make sure you choose a tailor renowned for their measuring.

#2. Construction

There are two things that play into how long a shirt lasts: materials and construction. One of the best stitches made so far is a strong seam with over 7 stitches per centimeter and gussets. This not only feels great to wear, but will protect the shirt from tearing for years to come. While not a perfect stitch, it’s far less likely to tear than other forms.

#3. Tryout

Then, of course, you must try out your new shirt. You’ll put it on and the tailor will ask you to do some stretches and walk around in it for a bit. This is to help you get a feel for it, as how it feels when walking around is much more important than how it feels when you’re standing stock still. If it doesn’t fit quite right, or the tailor made some other kind of miscalculation, then you should inform the tailor so that they can fix it.

Tailors have been designing custom shirts for centuries, so this is a very exact, known science. With that said, it still isn’t easy, since no two humans are built exactly like each other. But with careful precision, the right tools, an eye for details, and a lot of patience, you can have a dress shirt made specifically for you, and you alone. For more information visit Milano Fine Men’s Fashion.

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