How Drainage Repairs in Branford, CT can Save Your Paved Surfaces

Paved areas like outdoor municipal basketball courts, outdoor tennis courts, and even parking lots are extremely useful. Whether they’re used for recreational or utilitarian purposes, because they are paved surfaces, the expectation is that they will last an extended period of time. While that is true in theory, there are things that can shorten the lifespan of even some of the hardest paved surfaces. One of the main culprits is an excessive amount of water. Not just water that falls from the sky, but water that builds up on or under these surfaces. That’s why drainage repairs in Branford, CT may be required.

There are a few reasons why drainage systems may need to be repaired awhen they’re not working. Rain will eventually cause damage to paved surfaces. In truth, the materials used in paved surfaces are designed to handle a significant amount of rain over their lifespan. However, when water begins to collect because of improper drainage systems, or a drainage system that isn’t working, it can cause a great deal of damage to these surfaces. The fact is that poor drainage can literally cut the lifespan of paved surfaces in half, if not more. This means removing a paved surface far sooner than expected, as well is the added expense of replacing it.

In addition, poor drainage makes these surfaces useless. If a paved surface is flooded every time it rains, then it simply can’t be used for its intended purpose. This is particularly true for parking garages.
Fortunately, even a significantly damaged drainage system can be fixed. Whether it’s installing new drain pipes that are larger and that can handle more water capacity or simply replacing broken grates or broken pipes that are in the existing system, there are ways to make sure water runs off properly.

For any drainage repairs in Branford, CT, it’s best to contact a company like Atwater Paving. Regardless of whether the drainage problem has just begun to happen or if it’s an ongoing problem that could require extensive reworking of a drainage system, this is the company to call. They will ensure that rain water moves away from your paved surfaces.

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