How Does the Dentist in Apple Valley MN Place Implants in Your Mouth?

With the latest advancements in dental technology, missing teeth no longer have to destroy your smile. When you are missing teeth, you not only have to deal with the issues surrounding your appearance, but you also may have difficulty chewing your food. Missing teeth can also prevent you from being able to enjoy certain foods, like steak. If you are missing teeth, your Dentist Apple Valley, MN can provide you with dental implants, replacing those teeth and improving their function permanently.

What Can You Expect When Getting Dental Implants?

When you go to see your dentist for dental implants, you need to be prepared to have a surgical procedure. The dentist will give you instructions on when to stop eating and what medications you should should avoid taking. It is important you follow these directions carefully, so you can avoid complications with your procedure.

The first part of your procedure will begin with you being given your anesthesia. If you are having multiple implants put into place, you will most likely be given a general anesthesia that will cause you to sleep during the procedure. This helps to protect you during the procedure and avoid pain and discomfort. Once you are fully under, the dentist will begin the procedure to place your implants.

The Dentist Apple Valley, MN will first make a small incision where the dental implant will go. The incision allows the dentist to insert the metal anchor into your jawbone. It is crucial this dental appliance is seated securely, so the dentist will suture it in place and allow your gums to heal for around three weeks before the artificial teeth are put into place.

Once you are completely healed from the surgery, the dentist can place your artificial teeth in, completing your smile. Most people are amazed at how beautiful their smiles look, once they have dental implants. With the proper maintenance and dental care, your implants can last a lifetime.

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