How does a dentist do a filling?

One of the more common dental procedures is filling a tooth which has decayed. A dental filling is a two stage process;

* Remove the unwanted tooth matter which has been caused by decay or injury

* The application of different materials which fills the void left from preparation and returns the tooth to its normal state

In some cases Colorado Springs dentists find the affected tooth so badly decayed that it is not possible to fill it in a normal fashion, in this case the solution is to fit a crown to the tooth. A crown is made from a cast made of the tooth once it has been prepared and the decay is eliminated, this crown, often made from porcelain is fitted over the tooth and fixed with a special dental adhesive. A crown and the fitting of it are called an “indirect” restoration. Although fitting a crown is possible and is done, the most frequently used method is “direct” restoration, this means that all the necessary work is done in the mouth with no need for any artificial appliance.

When the dentist begins phase one of the procedure, which is the removal of the decay and the preparation of the site, this is when many patients become nervous and anxious. To excise the decay from the tooth the dentist must use a high speed rotary drill and other instruments. In all most all cases the dentist numbs the area using a topical drug such as Novocain. Even though the affected area is numbed and very little if any pain will be felt there is still the noise and odor associated with the drill, this is often what causes anxiety in the patient.

In recent years a procedure known as sedation dentistry has gained in popularity. The dentist administers certain medications; a very popular one is Nitrous Oxide, perhaps better known as “laughing gas.” The patients remain conscious but are unaware of the procedures and the activity taking place around them and they retain no memory of the work once it has been completed. Sedation dentistry adds a little to the cost of the visit but is highly recommended for those patients that do suffer from anxiety.

Once the first stage has been completed, Colorado Springs dentists move on to stage two which is far less severe or traumatizing. The material for filling the prepared area is prepared; the material can be dental amalgam or polymer resin. Amalgam is made from a mixture of mercury and metal but due to concerns of ingesting mercury, many patients are now demanding that their filling be plastic polymer.

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