How Doctors Specialized in Stem Cell in OKC Could Treat Your Spinal Disorder

People with back pain are less productive in their respective occupations since the pain controls their posture. While there are many causes of back pain among different people, spinal problems are the major causes. When your spine is not in good condition, you may not bend or stretch your body as you should. For this reason, it is important to go for spine checkups from the Stem Cell OKC specialists instead of waiting for major symptoms to show up.

Most back problems develop when you wreck your back through certain ways. According to the stem cell doctors, people who lift heavy objects in the wrong manner harm their spine significantly. Indeed, such people’s backs are rarely straight, and this makes it hard for them to stretch or bend. Visit website for more details.

What treatments can doctors give patients with spinal problems and pain?

* Prescription medications: Spinal doctors understand that most spinal disorders respond positively to muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medications and pain prescriptions such as narcotics. The doctors may also give you low-dose steroids to reduce spinal inflammation and pain.

* Diagnostic imaging: Your doctor may recommend that you take x-rays to identify any problem with your spine. The doctor may use nerve conduction studies, CT scans and MRIs to find out if the condition of your spine is worse than it seems to be.

* Accurate physical therapy: Here, the therapist introduces you to some physical exercises that will treat any area of your spine. The Stem Cell OKC specialists will also help you with hands-on therapy like myofascial, ultrasound, ice and heat.

What you should do to prevent spinal problems

* Stop smoking: Cigarette or tobacco smoke is a risk factor that causes your blood arteries to harden, a condition known as atherosclerosis. When the arteries around your spine harden, they cause complex spinal problems.

* Use chairs with low back support: It is important especially for drivers to always use chairs with straight backs. You should also ensure that your hips are not lower than your knees.

It is possible for patients with spine pain to access invasive therapies that treat both degenerative and traumatic musculoskeletal conditions. Such treatment procedure may combine both integrative and traditional medical approach to addressing your spinal disorder.

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