How Dental Surgery In Lufkin, TX Helps Patients

Texas dental patients could restore their smile through dental surgery. For patients with severely damaged or missing teeth, the most viable opportunity is to acquire dental implants. The surgery offers a long-lasting option that is a better alternative to dentures.

How are Implants Installed?

The first step for the dentist is to perform x-rays. This helps them to determine if the jaw is strong enough to support the implant. When patients don’t have enough supportive tissue, a graft is performed. This helps to build up the jaw and eliminates potential issues down the road.

After the graft heals, the dentist installs the titanium root and abutment to support the implant tooth. This step is performed for each implant. During Dental Surgery in Lufkin TX, the dentist can prepare the jaw for multiple implants without difficulty. The dentist provides a temporary bridge to protect the gum line until they heal completely.

Connecting the Implant Tooth

The final stage of the implant surgery is to connect the implant tooth or teeth. The tooth is connected to the titanium root and a professional-grade adhesive is applied. The dentist schedules a follow-up appointment to ensure that the implant surgery was successful. If any issues arise, the dentist addresses them promptly. Recovery for this surgery could take up to twelve weeks.

Is the Surgery Available to All Patients?

Patients who have heart disease, diabetes, or have undergone radiation therapy require extensive evaluations before they can receive these implants. These patients are more likely to bleed more than the average patient or develop an infection.

What to Expect

Patients could experience mild pain or soreness after the surgery. The dentist may prescribe pain medications or order the patient to take an over-the-counter pain reliever. Patients won’t experience the same severe pain as an extraction.

Dental Surgery in Lufkin TX offers restorative opportunities to Texas patients. These opportunities could eliminate the pain of broken or damaged teeth. With dental implants, the patient regains their self confidence and ability to speak and chew properly. This could help them to achieve a new outlook on life. Patients who wish to acquire these implants should click for more info today.

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