How Crime Scene Cleanup in Folsom Works

Crime scene cleanup deals with the safe cleaning of areas where violent crimes, acts of terrorism and drug manufacturing have taken place; body disposal is also part of the job description. Team members get special training so they handle hazardous materials in a safe way, and in return, they can earn very high salaries. To work in this industry one needs to be physically fit and have a very strong stomach–crime scene cleanup teams work long hours in hot conditions.

A Brief Explanation of Crime Scene Cleanup

When crimes occur, the scene is first examined by a forensic team. After their examination is complete, the scene is released. Typically, the owner of the building or the victim’s family is responsible for cleaning the area, but crime scene cleanup can be unpleasant and dangerous. For instance, in former meth labs, the space can be contaminated by chemicals, and murder scenes can contain biohazards like tissue, bone and blood.

Crime scene cleanup crews from Carpet Technologies & CTech Restoration can safely clean and restore areas where violent and dangerous crimes occurred. Team members are trained in biohazard removal, and most have some construction experience, as carpeting and structural components must sometimes be removed to ensure a thorough cleaning. Many crime scene cleaning companies have training in the handling of human remains, as some cleanups involve picking up tissues and body parts left behind by the coroner.

Cleanup crews deal with crime scenes on a daily basis, but the job can also entail the cleaning out of “trash” houses (those left in disarray by tenants). Crews often clean contaminated sites such as homes infested with diseased rodents. In these cases, professionals use special equipment, protective gear, strong solvents and biohazard containers to get the job done.

Crime scene cleaning companies often lend psychological support to crime victims and their families. When a violent death occurs in a home, cleanup crews get the site cleaned quickly, retaining possessions where possible and disposing of contaminated items in a respectful and discreet way.

The sooner a Crime Scene Clean Up Folsom crew arrives at a crime scene, the easier the job is, because many substances found there have a tendency to linger, stain and penetrate surfaces.

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