How Contractors Insurance in Suffolk County NY Differs from a Standard Business Insurance Policy

If you own or operate a contracting business in Suffolk County, NY, you’re going to need insurance policies to amply protect your business. What you’ll need to understand about contractors insurance in Suffolk County NY is that it varies slightly from other types of insurance policies for businesses. While it will include many of the different insurance coverage’s found in typical business insurance, there is an emphasis on certain areas of insurance coverage that may not exist in a standard business policy.


With business insurance, you want to have property insurance to cover your business facility, business equipment as well as any product inventory. With Contractors Insurance Suffolk County NY this type of insurance coverage is usually included. However, with contractors insurance, you’re going to need an insurance policy that has a heavy emphasis on liability.

When working as a contractor, you and your employees will be in situations where the risk of injury or damage is quite significant. That’s why you’ll need to have insurance policies that are heavy on liability coverage to protect you and your business from any of these incidents should they occur.

When it comes to liability insurance for contractors, there’s a few areas that your contracting business will need to focus on. The first focus for liability insurance is structural damage. Whether you’re constructing a new facility or renovating a home, damage can be done with the improvements or the construction that your contracting business is responsible for. Whether it’s breakage or damage of something inside of a home or whether it’s causing damage to materials or equipment when constructing a new facility, this type of liability insurance is important to have.

Another consideration is injury. Should one of your employees become injured or another subcontractor working on your behalf becomes injured on the job site, extensive liability coverage will provide the necessary protection for you, the people who were injured and your business in general.

If you feel like your existing insurance policy is insufficient or you’re considering starting a contracting business, you want to look for insurance providers that offer specific coverage for contractors. Make sure that the insurance company has a policy that focuses on liability coverage in order to offer your business the protection it needs in order to be successful.


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