How Columbia Property Managers Should Deal With Unruly Tenants

Dealing with unruly tenants is a duty that most property managers dread. They become faced with a dilemma of evicting them, or trying to work with them to where their behavior is acceptable. If their behavior is prolonged without any sort of action on the part of the property manager, then the property management company in Columbia could get a bad reputation, and they will find it hard to fill vacancies once the word gets around.  There are multiple options at their disposal to deal with unruly tenants.

3 Strikes

If you have an unruly tenant living in one of your properties, then you may want to warn them before taking any sort of invasive action. Everyone deserves a second chance, as long as their behavior isn’t over the top. However, managers can’t let the behavior go on for too long, or it will damage their relationship with other tenants. Unruly tenants can be a liability, so this creates a real problem for property managers. One creative way to deal with them is to implement a 3 strikes rule. After three occurrences of bad behavior, then they will be evicted without question. Sometimes a tenant may not think of their behavior as being bad, so a gentle warning is all that is needed in some cases.

Maintain a Certain Level of Respect

When you hand your tenant a strike, don’t give it to them with anger. Let them know the situation and the distress that they are causing other people in the general area. Sometimes they may be unaware, so approach them with a kind heart and a gentle warning. It is your duty as a property manager to remain professional throughout the situation. If the tenant reacts angrily to the strike, then diffuse the situation immediately by calling in reinforcement from your security staff or other company personnel.


If a tenant gets hit with 3 strikes, then eviction will be the last resort punishment. Having a reckless tenant living in one of your properties will not only give you a bad name around the neighborhood, but also as a company. Nobody is going to want to rent from someone who allows their tenants to behave in such a manner. As a property manager, you should use a tenant screening process to determine the stability of your clients. Screening tenants will help to eliminate this hassle.

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