How Christian Counseling Differs from Secular Counseling

The Christian Counseling Oklahoma City OK patients seek provides a combination of spiritual and traditional counseling that helps you focus on your faith to help you overcome challenges that are keeping you from living a productive life. Secular counseling assists many people and teaches them to deal with conflict, overcome self esteem issues and offers a neutral ground for couples and families to work out their differences. The main difference between secular and Christian counseling is that Christian counseling includes God in each stage of the therapy.

Understanding God’s Will

For devout Christians secular counseling may focus too much on their will and needs and remove God from the big picture. This can be a very uncomfortable approach for Christians who are always focused on God’s will and how it affects their life. The Christian counseling Oklahoma City OK patients seek allows you to factor in God’s will and how it is important to your self fulfillment. It is a core part of your values and although secular counseling is designed to help you cope better in life it does not consider God’s will or teachings which many Christians might feel can lead them down a path farther from Christ with too much focus on self.

Scripture and Counseling

Christian counseling can also assist in showing people how they can use the scriptures to help them find inner peace and begin to live life not only with more focus and happiness, but also with a re-found love and strength in their faith. With a Christian counselor together you will use the bible to remain obedient to the scriptures which in turn will allow you to find the path you need to follow to become well adjusted and lead a productive life. Christian counseling does not remove God from the equation or the process of healing.

Moving Away from God

For Christians they often find that their issues exist because they have slowly moved away from God. Issues with anger, violence, victims of abuse, substance abusers and even those seeking marriage or family counseling have lost their way because they have forgotten to factor in their faith when faced with strife or sorrow. Christian counseling brings the focus back to God to help you find your way back to his love.

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