How Brakes Are Repaired

by | Sep 23, 2013 | Automotive

How Brakes Are Repaired

With all of the great things that brakes can assist you with, it is important to make sure that they are kept up to date and all of the parts are replaced as often as is needed. Whether you are using brake service in Fort Wayne, IN or planning on changing some of the parts on your own, it is important to know all of the steps that are needed in order to make the process go smoothly and to ensure everything is done how it is supposed to.

Take Tire Off

The first thing that will be done when you get brake service Fort Wayne, IN is that they will take your tire off. Before doing that, they will jack up the vehicle so that the two front tires are not on the ground anymore. Then they will bring out all of the tools that are necessary, such as a remover for the lug nuts and a jack. Make sure to set the tires aside so that you can put them back on easily later, but have them somewhere out of the way.

Take Pads Off

Once the tires are off, the brake service in Fort Wayne, IN will proceed to take off the pads and the cylinders that come with the brakes. For the most part they will be able to just remove all of the fittings before sliding off the cylinder. In some circumstances, such as with drum brakes, there will be the extra step of taking off the brake cover first before the brake shoes can come off. Now that the parts are off, you must make sure to plug up the line to the brakes in order to prevent any fluid from leaking out.


The next thing that the brake service in Fort Wayne, IN will do is take out some new brake pads and then install them before adding back on the cylinder. Tools can be used to help make sure the brake cylinder is on correctly. Finally, they may take some time to bleed your brake line to ensure that it is working properly and to get it back to normal. If after leaving the shop the braking does not feel normal, it is important to take your vehicle back in right away in order to avoid an accident.

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