How Bicycle Injury Attorneys in Phoenix, AZ Protect Their Clients

With more people using bicycles as their main mode of transportation, the potential for accidents is very real. When a cyclist is involved in any type of traffic accident, it pays to seek the advice of a bicycle injury attorney in Phoenix, AZ. Here are some of the steps that the attorney will take to protect the interest of the client.

Evaluating the Details of the Accident

One of the first things a bicycle injury attorney in Phoenix, AZ will want to do is take a close look at the details of the accident. The goal is to determine if the client took any action that contributed to the event. For example, was the client riding outside of the bike lane? Did the client breeze through a traffic light or stop sign rather than stopping? The goal is to determine who is at fault for the accident. When the cyclist obeyed all traffic laws, the odds of being at fault are very low.

Negotiating Terms with the Insurance Company

When it is clear the other party was at fault, chances are the insurance provider for that individual will want to make some sort of settlement rather than take the matter to court. Having an attorney to handle those negotiations is the smartest thing a cyclist can do. The attorney will know how to field questions and keep the negotiations on target at all times. Thanks to the information the attorney has on hand about current traffic laws, it will also be much easier to obtain an amount that is equitable.

Representing the Client in Court

If the opposing side does not wish to settle, the attorney will prepare the case and represent the interests of the client in court. Every piece of evidence available will be used to make the case before a judge. In a best case scenario, a judgment in favor of the cyclist will be awarded, and it will be possible to put the accident in the past where it belongs.

For anyone involved in a bicycle accident, contact the Garrison Law Firm today. In no time at all, the matter can be placed in the hands of an attorney and the work will begin to ensure the client receives a fair settlement.

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