How a Veterinary Hospital in Harbor City, CA Can Give Full Service to Your Pet

If you want full service options for your pet, choosing the right veterinary clinic is a must. A full service veterinary clinic should offer regular check-ups, vaccinations, surgical procedures, grooming, in-house laboratory, anesthetic procedures and much more. However, a veterinary hospital should at least have the following three services to ensure optimal health for your pet.

Regular Check-ups

When you take your pet to the vet, he or she will perform standard routine observations and ask you questions regarding your pet’s eating and drinking habits, feces and urine elimination, sleeping habits, exercise routine and current medications, as well as check with you to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. He or she will examine the dog’s or cat’s teeth, eyes, ears, nose and paws. The vet will also check your dog’s or cat’s fur for fleas or ticks, and recommend medications if necessary. In addition, the vet will check your pet’s heartbeat, feel for any lumps or irritations in the skin and examine the genital areas for any signs of disease or irritation. This is the kind of thorough examination that is necessary to keep your pet healthy and free of any diseases or discomfort. The vet may recommend a change in diet or exercise, depending upon your pet’s habits and state of health.


A visit to the vet is not complete without some trimming and cleaning of your pet’s coat. A regular wash and trim should accompany a regular check-up. Some veterinary clinics include this as part of the check-up fee, but at other offices, it’s necessary to book a grooming session separately. During a grooming appointment, your dog or cat will receive a warm bath with shampoo conducive to the animal’s fur type, a hair trim and nail clipping and filing. For dogs, brushing of the fur comes standard with a grooming visit. A dog’s fur must be brushed frequently to avoid matting and tangling. Also, the groomer will perform an ear cleaning to eliminate buildup of wax and other contaminants.


Making sure that your dog or cat has proper vaccinations and that they are kept up to date is vital to his or her health. In most cities and counties, it’s also the law. All veterinary offices provide this as part of the check-up process. Recommended vaccines vary for dogs and cats, but keeping them up to date is important. Most vaccines are given in the fore or hind legs depending on the vaccine.

These three services should come standard at your local veterinary clinic. Check-ups, vaccinations and grooming are all part of keeping your dog or cat healthy and happy. Make sure that you take your dog or cat to a licensed veterinarian that performs full service procedures and provides the best care for your animal friend. For more information visit Western Veterinary Group or you can visit Google+ page.

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