How A SSI Lawyer In Richmond Can Assist You

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Lawyer

A SSI Lawyer Richmond provides clients with knowledge in regard to filing a social security disability claim. He or she will inform you of the necessary steps involved with successfully acquiring these benefits. It is imperative that you understand your rights and what is expected of you throughout this process. Your first task in these proceedings is to secure evidentiary support to back-up your disability claim.

Disability Claims

In a majority of cases, claimants are turned down the first time that they file a disability claim through the SSA. It is probable in these cases that the SSA sent the claimant to a doctor who is either unfamiliar with his or her disability or is incapable of properly diagnosing this condition. When this occurs, the claim is denied. However, in all cases the claimant has the option to file an appeal through legal counsel.

How an Attorney Can Help

First, an attorney can evaluate the reason for your denial of benefits and determine whether it did fall into the legal scope of a justified denial. For instance, if the claim did not present enough information related to the condition and evidence of this condition was not submitted with the claim it is probable that the SSA will deny the claim. However, this is not always the reason for a denial. However, procedures used to establish eligibility would have required the SSA to request additional information from the claimant. An attorney can assist in these endeavors.

Legal Representation

Krumbein & Associates PLLC provides you with an avenue that will pave the way for you to receive the Social Security disability benefits that you deserve. These attorneys will guide you through the claims process and inform you of what you should expect in the courtroom. If you need to file a social security claim, you may contact this law firm and schedule a consultation to begin this process.


You should hire a SSI Lawyer in Richmond to assist you in filing a disability claim. An attorney can advise you through this process and inform you of techniques that may present you with a more effective chance of receiving benefits. Your selected attorney will gather vital information needed to file your claim and determine why you were turned down by the SSA.

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